4818/4820/4824/4826 Hatfield Street | Lawrenceville, PA 15201


Whatever your approach, whatever your style…

we have the right solution for your needs.


  • Design your dream home from the ground up working through our amazing selections guide
  • Work with our partner designer, The Blackwood Group, for the ultimate design concierge experience
  • Choose from one of the professionally designed interiors below to match your tastes and lifestyle

This urban chic look is playful and fun while simultaneously articulating an element of sophistication.


Celebrate the beauty of everyday objects with a blend of furnishings that carry the impression of age and use. Our shabby chic style is a perfect display of careworn elegance.

Park Avenue

Our traditional luxury finish is perfect for those who like to keep things simple but elegant.

Inner Coastal

True relaxation becomes possible with our beach themed finish with ocean colors and light woods.